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The expansive Grandee hot tub comfortably seats a party of seven, with room for everyone to enjoy state-of-the-art jets, a two-speed jet pump, and two seats with patented Moto-Massage® DX jets. It also features advanced innovations like an insulating hinge seal, 100% no-bypass filtration for cleaner water and the soothing BellaFontana® fountain feature.  

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Hot Spring Spas’ best-selling collection, the Highlife Collection®, features 7 hot tubs including the Grandee. Designed to provide the ultimate ease, enjoyment, endurance and efficiency, these hot tubs feature Hot Spring Spas’ most significant innovations for an unparalleled experience. 


Seating Capacity
7 Adults
8'4" x 7'7" x 38"
2.54m x 2.31m x .97m
Water Capacity
450 gallons/1,700 liters
1,060 lbs./480 kg dry
6,040 lbs./2,740 kg filled*
Jet Count
Hot Tub Jets
  • 2 Moto-Massage® DX jets (2)
  • 2 SoothingStream® jets
  • 3 JetStream® jets
  • 2 Rotary Hydromassage jets
  • 2 Directional Hydromassage jets
  • 30 Directional Precision® jets
    Lighting System
    • Luminescence® multi-color four-zone
    Water Features
    • BellaFontana® with 3 illuminated arcs of water
    Control System
    • IQ 2020® with wireless remote control
    • 230v/50amp, 60Hz
    • Includes G.F.C.I. protected sub-panel
    • No-Fault®, 4000w/230v
    Jet Pump 1
    • Wavemaster® 9200
    • Two-speed
    • 2.5 HP, continuous duty
    • 5.2 HP, breakdown torque
    Jet Pump 2
    • Wavemaster® 9000
    • One-speed
    • 2.5 HP, continuous duty
    • 5.2 HP, breakdown torque
    Circulation Pump
    • SilentFlo 5000® for quiet continuous filtration
    Ozone System
    • FreshWater® III Corona Discharge
    Water Care Options
    • ACE® Salt Water Sanitizing System
    • or EverFresh® System
    Effective Filtration Area
    325 sq. ft., top loading Tri-X® filters; 100% no-bypass filtration
    Vinyl Cover
    • 3.5" to 2.5" tapered
    • 2 lb. density foam core with hinge seal
    Vinyl Cover Colors
    • Caramel
    • Chocolate
    • Slate
    • Evergreen
    Entertainment Systems (Optional)
    • Wireless Sound System
    Cover Lifters (Optional)
    CoverCradle II®, CoverCradle®, Lift ‘n Glide®, UpRite®
    Steps (Optional)
    • Everwood® HD
    • NXT
    • Polymer
    • SpaStone


    *Includes water and 7 adults each weighing 175 lbs. each

    Export models available in 230v, 50Hz, 1500w heater




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